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Peninsula Propane Services is a provider of fast and dependable propane service serving the Puget Sound. Our company is a leader in supplying propane gas to residential, commercial and industrial customers in Tacoma, Gig Harbor and surrounding areas. We have experience in working with local businesses for the supply of high quality propane at reasonable prices. We are known for our free propane delivery services and special discounts to refill propane gas. Over the years, our commitment to professional service, customer satisfaction and best services has made us the leading propane gas supplying company in Puget Sound.
Peninsula Propane Services offers safe and reliable propane gas service. We place a high priority on safety and have extensive expertise in safely refilling the propane tanks. Our company is committed to ensure that you always get fast and reliable propane gas service. We strive to not only meet the propane refilling needs, but to provide professional service to all of our clients!

Feel free to contact us for all your queries and propane refilling needs. 

We have Spanish speaking staff members to better serve the community.



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